Top Weirdest Cryptos That Actually Exist

Let’s face it, creating a cryptocurrency isn’t exactly difficult. Just about anyone can do it, with the process really only requiring a bit of research, a pinch of ambition, and a handful of start-up capital. Hence, it isn’t surprising that there are over 13,000 cryptos in existence.

The real challenge that new cryptos face is standing out in a crowd. How does any coin make a splash when there are thousands to choose from? Why, the new coin must stand out by being bizarre, of course. Uniqueness is one of the only ways a new crypto can get attention. That’s why there are so many coins that are wacky, leaning even into the truly bizarre.

Here are a few strange cryptos that actually exist.


Potcoin; as in a crypto-based entirely around marijuana. It seems utterly ridiculous at first, but the truth is that there is plenty to be interested in here.

Potcoin was designed to be used by the marijuana community, effectively allowing for the fast, anonymous purchasing of marijuana around the world. A dedicated peer-to-peer platform exists, meaning that sellers and buyers can gather in a single convenient location.

As silly as it sounds, this is a crypto with enormous potential.

Cthulhu Offerings

Potcoin has real potential, but Cthulhu Offerings really does just seem like a silly in-joke. There are no real benefits for Cthulhu Offerings, other than that traders have adopted a bizarre roleplaying mentality. When trading, coins are referred to as blessings. Those that mine Cthulhu Offerings refer to the process as making sacrifices. Traders themselves are, of course, cult worshipers.

It’s best to check out a few cryptocurrency reviews about Cthulhu Offerings before getting involved. After all, how far can a joke currency really go before the gag gets old?


According to the creators, TrumpCoin was created as a way to support the former US president. Though, the currency came about before Trump had won the election, and is still going now long after he has left office. Hence, still calling this an effort to support Trump seems a little odd.

Even still, TrumpCoin is doing surprisingly well, especially considering that the presidential buzz has long since died down. Perhaps it will thrive again during the next US election.

Useless Ethereum Token

Useless Ethereum Token (UET) is clearly a joke. Anyone looking at the coin’s symbol, a middle finger, will immediately understand the situation. More so that the creators have promised no returns, have not specified any benefits, and haven’t even specified future plans. So why does UET exist at all?

According to the creators Useless Ethereum Token was established as a protest. They claim that seeing the hundreds of new Ethereum-based tokens, some of which aren’t transparent, annoyed them enough to want to create a protest currency. They openly say that they don’t expect UET to do well, but hope that a blatant joke will inspire investors to be more cautious.

With all of that being said, UET isn’t doing too badly.