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The Role of Pharmaceutical Packaging



The primary role of pharmaceutical packaging like pharma packaging solutions Connecticut is to provide integrity, stability, and containment for drugs. It also promotes the highest standards of quality. Unlike traditional packaging, pharmaceutical packaging is highly sophisticated and supports the highest quality standards. As a vessel, it protects the drug and maintains its material characteristics. Marketing pharmaceutical products is an artful task, as many brands produce the same medicine. To gain a competitive edge, intelligent packaging can add value to the medication, enhance brand identity and preference, and ensure profitability.

Primary packaging

One of the most critical aspects of manufacturing pharmaceuticals is packaging design. Pharmaceutics manufacturers must create inert packaging as it comes into contact with the medicine or drug. Improper packaging can compromise the quality and purity of the treatment or drug. This is why primary packaging design must be as neutral as possible. The primary packaging for pharmaceuticals may include ampoules, vials, jars, containers, blisters, and sachets.

Gerresheimer was also present at the PDA Annual Meeting, held March 19-21 in Orlando. Primary packaging for pharmaceuticals is critical to safely delivering sensitive active substances. Using MultiShell plastic vials and glass Gx Elite vials, Gerresheimer manufactures various primary packaging solutions to meet these high standards. Whether the drug needs to be delivered via an injector or a wearable device, Gerresheimer can help.

Anti-counterfeiting seals

Tamper-evident, or anti-counterfeiting seals, are an integral part of pharmaceutical packaging. This feature is intended to prevent unauthorized use of a drug and is a prerequisite for over-the-counter medicine. In 2011, the European Union published the Specification on Falsified Medicines, which defined key concepts and points in the fight against counterfeit medicines. Those points and concepts are now reflected in over-the-counter drug packages.

One of the most prominent forms of anti-counterfeiting seals is a void label. This type of label is obvious and colored to be easily recognizable. Because it can be easily removed, it does not damage the product. These labels are custom-made to include specific wording and are made of various plastic materials. They are also available in different thicknesses to prevent tampering and provide greater visibility for pharmacists.

Individual identifier

To provide consumers with accurate information regarding the contents of their prescription drugs, the FDA has established regulations governing the use of individual identifiers on pharmaceutical packaging. The regulations mandate using unique identification numbers for individual packs and boxes. The FDA has also issued draft guidance for the industry to develop and implement these standards. The guidance will help manufacturers create and maintain a secure system for tracking and reporting pharmaceutical products. Listed below are some of the important elements of an individual identifier on pharmaceutical packaging.

Using an individual identifier is essential for the traceability and authentication of pharmaceutical products. This technology also helps companies to track medicines at each stage of the supply chain, avoiding the risk of diversion and counterfeiting. However, to effectively implement this new technology, pharmaceutical companies must invest heavily in equipment, software, and workforce expertise. 


Pharmaceutics companies are increasingly focusing on sustainable development. However, the packaging used for medicines can affect the emissions. This article focuses on the choice of drug packaging based on life cycle assessment (LCA) methods, which assess the environmental impacts of two common types of packaging. The study includes extraction, manufacturing, and distribution stages. Ultimately, choosing sustainable packaging will reduce the impact of pharmaceutical packaging while improving the bottom line.

The World Pharmaceutics Congress focuses on sustainable packaging solutions and late-stage customization this year. In addition, the symposium will highlight new trends in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging solutions, and sustainable practices. Two examples of sustainable packaging will be shown, including the cardboard-based Top Load pack and folding boxes with integrated inserts and child safety. Sustainable packaging will improve human health, preserve the environment, and combat climate change.

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