Five Popular Wedding Hairstyle Options for Longer Hair

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life, and all brides want to look at their most beautiful.  If you’ve chosen your dress, shoes, make-up and the Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire location such as then it’s time to focus on your crowning glory – your hair.

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Today’s weddings are hugely diverse in style and approach, and wedding hair styles reflect this in their varied and individual nature.

Long and Luscious Boho Locks

Long hair looks beautiful tonged into waves and middle-parted if you are having a boho-themed wedding with a relaxed feel. Why not add a crown of flowers for the real flower-child feel? Avoid adding too much product – opt instead for a deep conditioning treatment beforehand and a cut to remove any split ends.

A Full Grecian Up Do

Dressed hair looks ravishing if you are wearing a more formal dress. Grecian twists and curls can be secured with pearl-tipped hair pins, and you’ll need plenty of hairspray to hold it in place.

Beautifully Straight

A perfectly blow-dried straight style really shows off shine and condition and works on hair from short bobs to long styles. Apply a light serum to catch the light and make your hair look ravishing in those photos, and prime your hair beforehand with smoothing conditioner and anti-frizz shampoo.

A Half-Up Do

This is youthful and soft and a great look for all types of wedding. Ask your stylist to tong your hair and then pin up the top half so that it lifts your face and cheekbones and leaves your curls tumbling down the back. A sparkling tiara or comb looks really beautiful with this look.

An All-Curl Extravaganza

If you have naturally curly hair, why not celebrate its beauty with a fabulously curly and lavish big do? A serum for curls will separate and add shine and definition – speak to your hairdresser for advice on washing beforehand, as you’ll want your hair to have some natural oil on the day.

For more inspiration, look online at Pinterest and Instagram. Your regular hairdresser will also be able to give you useful tips designed for your hair type and preferences.

Which style are you tempted to go for on your big day?