Getting the Formula one classics in the game

The prime movers in the world of Formula one gaming simulation are still Codemasters. This Birmingham based team of programmers first began life writing cheap low budget games to get a foothold in the world of coding for gaming but once they had landed the Formula 1 game they entered into a level of excellent many thought impossible. With the 2018 release still popular they are the benchmark of the great driving game on the Sony and Microsoft platforms.

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What are the chances of Classic cars?

This time Codemasters have decided to include some classic oldtimers to spice things up a bit. The Formula One car has evolved immensely since it’s dangerous days of the ’60s and 70’s, (where highly flammable hay bales were considered a suitable safety arrangement) leading up to the death of Ayrton Senna and the subsequent track and car safety changes arising from it.

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Whilst it might not mean that much to the modern player for some the chance to pit James Hunt’s Mclaren M23D with the JPS Lotus of Mario Andretti against the modern Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton those with a love of the heritage of Formula one will be ecstatic especially as it gives them a chance to show the younguns they were right about F1 being more exciting. Watch them get far too over excited about the chance they’ll get to drive a Brawn from 2009

The heads of Codemasters are very excited about all of this as it gives them the chance to put in something a little new and interesting rather than the modern run of the mill cars that the drivers have to put up with today. For example, if you’d like to see how a 1992 FW14 Williams that Nigel Mansell won his one and only Championship in against George Russel then now is your chance. Although, given the utter doldrums that Williams is in at the moment it’s highly likely the older machine will win.

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The Formula 1 2018 game came out in now on 24 August 2018 and it is still available now on many different formats.