Essential office furniture for a startup business

The average employee spends the majority of their working day at their desk. For those starting up in business, they probably spend even longer as they spend long hours at work to kick the business off.

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Whilst many think about business plans, technology, budget and employees, one very important thing that skips the minds of many is comfortable office furniture.

It’s a well-known fact that lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, poor posture, poor blood circulation, and increased fatigue, amongst many other ailments, can result from not having the right chairs or desks, adjusted at the right height. Please see

Below is a list of guidelines to ensure you create an office that is conducive to a relaxed, comfortable and efficient working environment.

Ergonomic chairs

These are operator chairs that swivel and are designed for ease of movement and maximum comfort, as they can be adjusted to support your back and arms. For more information on ergonomic chairs, go to Best Buy office chairs.

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Ergonomic workstation

This could be a sitting or standing adjustable desk that is designed for convenience, comfort and to take out the stress and strain out of sitting for too long.

Conference room furniture

It is essential not to overlook conference room furniture when trying to create a conducive and ergonomic work environment. We have all been to meetings, workshops and brainstorming sessions that go on forever and there is nothing more tiring than being uncomfortable in a long meeting! Ensure you have operator chairs and expansive tables that are adjustable to get the best productivity out of staff.

Guest furniture

Whether it chairs in reception, the canteen or a meeting room, these also need to be comfortable for guests, clients, and future employees alike. Comfy armchairs that support the back and arms are essential and give a good impression to first-time guests as well!


Whether it’s somewhere to hang their coat, put their personal belongings or file important documentation, employees need to have the right amount of storage in the right space to eliminate the sense of feeling cramped and swamped with things. Coat racks, desk with drawers, bookshelves and filing cabinets are essential office furniture and also help create the right office atmosphere.