6 Tips for First-Time Travellers to Ireland

Ireland is a vibrant and exciting country with plenty to see and do, whether you are traveling as a couple or a family. However, if you have never visited the country, there are some useful tips that will come in handy.

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The Winter Season Has Shorter Days

The dark can creep in as early as 4 pm on a December day, so visitors should be aware, especially if they are keen on outdoor pursuits. However, in summer the sun can shine until almost 10 pm.

The Weather Can Be Unpredictable

Ireland has a temperate climate, which means it is prone to rainfall that can be heavy and prolonged at times. If you plan on enjoying some outdoor sightseeing, it’s wise to wear layers, a waterproof raincoat, and sturdy shoes.

Take the Train

Trains are comfortable and most offer free Wi-Fi. However, tickets can be expensive. Visitors should be aware that Irish Rail may offer discounts for advance online bookings.

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Signal If You Want the Bus to Stop

Travelers often flag down buses by waving or putting their arms out. When a bus approaches, it’s a good idea to signal to the driver. When getting off, always thank the bus driver.

The Irish Speak Irish

Although Ireland is an English-speaking country, people in some areas do speak Irish. Signs are often bilingual – in both Irish and English. Buy St Patricks Day gifts for family and friends to give them the luck of the Irish. You can pick up some ideas for St Patricks day gifts online.

According to Belfast Live the city’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations will be bigger and better than ever with a carnival parade followed by a concert headlined by global dance star Cascada. The theme this year is ‘Protecting the Environment and Climate Change’.

Heritage Card Is Useful for Visitors

If you want to see a lot of different attractions, you can buy a Heritage Card from the Office of Public Works in the south. It costs only €25 and will give you free access to all sorts of heritage sites across the country for one year. These include castles, national parks, and war memorial gardens.

Sunday Is a Day of Rest

Although most attractions and restaurants are open on a Sunday, there are restrictions on opening hours. In Northern Ireland, supermarkets will trade from 1 pm until 6 pm.