The Future Of Augmented Reality In Business

Augmented reality has fallen out of popularity, especially when compared to its more successful counterpart, virtual reality. When we look towards gaming being the biggest market available, it’s difficult to justify why augmented reality would still be catered for when it is obvious that the market leans so heavily towards virtual reality.

Gaming may be the biggest market share when it comes to the new technology of this kind, but that has not stopped augmented reality from making a success in other markets where virtual reality is less desirable. In the below, we will discuss the current and biggest future potential uses of VR in a none gaming environment.


Augmented reality has taken large strides in being used for training employees in situations where training with otherwise real-world examples would be too dangerous or costly. One of the leading training simulations where augmented reality has proven its incredible uses is in the medical field. Medical students make use of Microsoft HoloLens to see and be able to interact with a virtual cadaver.

Practising procedures and surgery on virtual cadavers save time and money for cadaver laboratories, resulting in more competent medical students when the time comes to make use of an actual cadaver. Augmented reality has not been limited to medical field training, as some large retail segments like Walmart have started to use augmented reality to train new employees.

Augmented reality in the training for retail space has proven to be much more efficient than a traditional book or film-based training. Not only is it more immersive for the staff, but it allows for an interesting and enjoyable experience.


With the current state of affairs in the world, more and more businesses are pushing towards working from home and separated offices over the traditional one large office space. Working from home comes with many advantages over traditional offices but has downsides as well.

Most people have experience with video conferences, and the outcome is usually lacking compared to a traditional meeting. Video conferences are unengaging and boring at the best of times. Augmented reality is a good option to change how a meeting is held and allow a more in-person feel while staying in the comfort of your own home. Augmented reality stands to change not only how colleagues meet with each other, but how staff members interact with customers and the public in general.


Design is one of the major industries where augmented reality stands to improve upon virtual reality. The ability to see a base model, background and interact with the design is crucial in a lot of 3D modelling applications. Can you imagine what 7 chakras casino games would look like if this came into play?

Not only does this stand to greatly improve almost any design and modelling process, but also a vast improvement as to how these changes are presented to consumers.

Selling an upgraded product when the products are custom-made can be difficult, as there is no real sense of the product to be had by the customer. Augmented reality allows the customer to get a real-world feel of a product that would otherwise be impossible.