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The World’s Most Amazing Museums



Whether you’re a fan of toys, trains, or teddy bears, there’s always a museum to pique your interest. Some museums are the homes of great artworks, while others focus on Ancient Egypt, or contain the bones of dinosaurs who last roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Each continent boasts an impressive selection of museums just waiting to welcome curious visitors; here are a few of the best and most unusual the world has to offer.

Restorative: Museum of Black Civilizations, Senegal

This museum is relatively young, having been built in 2018. In the eyes of the world, African countries are often lumped together into an anonymous mix of poverty and war, when in reality each nation is unique and rich with history and culture. This museum is attempting to reclaim old artefacts which were stolen by colonists decades and centuries ago.

It is estimated that around 95% of African cultural artefacts are still in the possession of old colonial powers like Britain and France. The Museum of Black Civilisations currently contains statues, masks, artworks and weapons, along with ancient bones of early humans. Its main aim: to celebrate the importance and contribution of black communities around the world.

Quirky: Museum of Bad Art, USA

99% of art museums in the world are dedicated to astonishingly beautiful art by masterful painters, sculptors and other creators. Not the Museum of Bad Art, otherwise known as MOBA. This collection of artwork celebrates the best of the worst – would-be masterpieces whose imperfections are just as worthy of attention as the sculptures of Michelangelo. At present, the gallery in Massachusetts is closed but you can view works on their website. Artworks include “Ferret in a Brothel” by Anonymous, “Deer-Turtle-Coon-Adillo” (mixed media) and an impressive variety of Madonna and children.

Classic: Le Louvre, France

Like many museums, Le Louvre is currently closed but is still offering virtual tours. This legendary gallery houses the world’s largest collection of art and is the home of the famed Monza Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The museum is located in the Louvre Palace (formerly the Louvre castle) and also contains artefacts from countries around the globe: the Egyptian Wing of the gallery alone contains around 7000 antiquities.

Memorial: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland

It is said that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, and memorials such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum are important reminders of how low humanity can sink. The museum is on the site of the concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz, which was constructed by German Nazis to murder Jews, political prisoners, gay men andRomanisamong others. In 1947 many relics from the concentration camp were preserved in the first museum to be constructed; today the institution still teaches people around the world about the atrocities inflicted upon millions of innocent people by Nazi Germany.

Keep History Alive

Sadly, many museums and centres of cultural and historical learning have been closed as a result of COVID-19. Some have gone online, just like where you’ll find a Lucky Creek sign up bonus, while the ones that remain open continue to teach and inspire the world by allowing us to see the best and worst of humankind.


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