Museums in the World with the Best Tanks

Almost everyone in the world could recognize a tank if they saw one, but not many people know how they work, what their origins were and what the future holds for these incredible pieces of machinery that revolutionized warfare. If you want to find out more about how these military vehicles operate, then here are some of the best tank museums to visit:

The German Tank Museum in Germany

Germany was one of the first armies to fully utilize the new technology of tanks after first seeing them being used by the British during WWI. They deployed them heavily throughout WWII and used them right across Europe in their numerous campaigns. The Panzer tanks were greatly feared and for a unique view of tank crew life and to hear stories from our then enemies makes for a thrilling and fascinating visit to this museum in Germany.

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The Tank Museum in UK

Our very own Tank Museum is located in Bovington, Dorset and is a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in tanks. It has been hailed as the very best tank museum in Europe, possibly the world. It is packed full of tanks from every era, with a large focus on the role of the tank throughout both World Wars and from all sides of the conflicts. They may have had to repair a few things on the tanks possibly using a metal bonding adhesive from sites like Great effort is taken to display the huge technological innovations and advances that took place in the inter-war period that changed the face of modern warfare forever.

Musée des Blindés in France

The French play a major part in the story of the tank as they had the unfortunate scenario of being fought over and on for the duration of two World Wars. France was the location for the very first tank deployment and the first battle. This is what makes this museum such a fascinating visit, as it offers the chance to experience the unique viewpoint of a nation that witnessed battles first-hand on their soil.

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American G.I Museum in Texas, United States

The Museum of the American G.I. holds a hugely impressive and substantial collection of military vehicles and tanks that have been restored and are running. The vehicles include examples from both World Wars and later, including an FT-17 tank from WWI, Sherman tanks from WWII and M18 Hellcats. The museum is packed full of other tanks, military equipment, and preserved uniforms, but its unique attraction is the way they exhibit many vehicles in action. If you love tanks and happen to be in the U.S, this museum is a must-see attraction.