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Nutritional Tips for Sports Players



Team sports are incredibly popular with people of all ages and with participation rates rising every year. It is easy to get started or to return to playing any team-based sports There are plenty of schemes and clubs to choose from all over the UK. You don’t need expensive equipment and just some Discount Football Kits and you can find and meet new friends.

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Training Techniques and Nutrition

It is important that you get your nutrition levels and techniques right when you are training for a match as your body expends a lot of energy. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a well-balanced diet. Try to pack in as many fresh fruit and vegetables as you can. Whole grains and fish are also essential. Your body needs essential nutrients when you are exercising hard, and these include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The last thing you want is to miss a match because of illness, so include some immune-boosting foods such as kiwi fruit and blueberries.

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You can work on your general fitness by swimming, jogging or cycling. However, it will be beneficial to have some targeted training based on the sport that you are playing as the skills required for each of these will be very different.

Nutrition and Matches

According to The British Nutrition Foundation, a healthy diet is essential when you are physically active because it allows you to perform at your best, reduces the risk of injury and ensures rapid recovery after matches and training.

Just before a match, it is best to stick to simple carbohydrates. They will keep your energy levels up during the game. You can eat them around 15-30 minutes before the match starts and they will last until the end. Bananas or dried fruit are perfect, or you may prefer a muesli bar or puffed rice cakes.

During the breaks in play, oranges are a good way to boost your sugars and hydration and give you a boost of vitamin C. However, alone they are not enough to keep up your hydration levels. Sip an electrolyte drink as well because that will top up your calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium levels. You lose these essential minerals, along with water, when you sweat. It will help you to avoid muscle fatigue and cramps.

Just after the match, have some more electrolyte drink and eat complex carbohydrates. Whole grains, fruit, and vegetables are best.

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