Amazing Effects of Lipozene

When you hear the Lipozene advertisements on television and read them online it certainly draws your attention. After all, that is the purpose of advertising, to grab the attention of the target audience. In the case of Lipozene, the target audience would be those who are interested in losing weight. Does it work? That is a question you may want to ask before you invest in the product.


Lipozene is a dietary supplement that is marketed for weight loss. The only active ingredient is a water-soluble fiber called Glucomannan. This complex carbohydrate works by forming a gel in the stomach that results in a feeling of fullness. Since the user feels full, he or she will naturally consume fewer calories.

The Reality

While there are certain tests to substantiate the use of Glucomannan for weight loss, the testing has not been done on Lipozene itself. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work since Glucomannan is the only active ingredient according to this Lipozene Review. However. The amount may differ which may affect how much weight an individual may lose. In addition, the most successful weight loss program is one that combines a weight loss supplement (Lipozene) with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise.

Does It Work?

When you take it as directed, it will definitely help with weight loss although studies have shown it is more successful with obese or overweight people. While the advertising claims there is no need to change your diet or exercise, those who participated in Glucomannan studies did just that. Choosing a diet high in fat-burning foods and exercise that boosts the metabolism will produce amazing results.

Side Effects

Most people can tolerate Lipozene without any problems, but some people do experience abdominal issues which are usually short-term while becoming used to Lipozene. The key is to follow the directions—two capsules a half-hour before each of your three meals with at least eight ounces of water. Failure to drink enough water can not only reduce the success of the Lipozene but could also lead to serious medical issues.


Lipozene is a weight loss product that can lead to great success for some people, especially those who are overweight or obese. However, if you adhere to the manufacturer’s claim and do not reduce your caloric intake or exercise, you will decrease your success rate. Eat low-calorie foods and add those that are known to burn fat in order to achieve the greatest success.