Three gifts to impress your man with

If you were ever in the situation of wanting to buy your loved one a gift, and you realized that you barely know this man at all, or if you ever questioned the fact of whether or not he has any interests in his life, let me say this: you are not alone. It’s common knowledge that men are probably the hardest gender to find gifts for since they let so little to be known about them. However, here is an insider’s know-how related to this subject. This is a list of items that are generic enough for all men to enjoy, but specific enough to make them feel cared for.

A personalized mug

If you are looking for something relatively small, symbolic, useful, and yet that can be offered in a humorous way, a personalized mug is a way to go. This can be used as a gift regardless of what your man likes. Whether it’s Star Wars, Harry Potter, anime, video games, fishing, smart puns, there’s probably a picture that fits on the mug. The plus side of this specific gift is that it takes little to no time to be prepared, and it’s incredibly cheap. On top of that, a mug’s usefulness will hardly ever be outmatched by any other item: he can use it for water, for his morning coffee, as a pint for his beer while watching the game with his friends, and so on. Overall, if you’re looking for something fast and cheap, the good old reliable personalized mug will do just fine.

An Irish flat cap

It may sound a little out of the ordinary, but an Irish flat cap, also known as a newsboy’s hat, can be a quirky addition to your man’s wardrobe. This timeless headpiece is sure to complete his style, throughout all four seasons. Completing the stylish look of a monochrome suit, an Irish flat cap offers comfort and reliability through any type of weather. Originally worn by the Irish working class at the beginning of the 20th century, it steadily made its way into contemporary outfits, being popularized nowadays in the TV series “Peaky Blinders”. Made primarily from wool or tweed, a newsboy’s hat is sure to put a smile on a man’s face (and something on his head, too!). If you are looking for men’s Irish flat caps, there are plenty of online stores to choose from.

A Swiss Army Knife

Although they will probably not admit it, every man went through a point in his life when all he wanted was a Swiss Army Knife. Not only will it make him look cool in front of all his friends, but the utility of one outmatches even the one of the previously mentioned mug. You can’t open a bottle of beer? Don’t worry, your man will do it with his Swiss knife. You need to cut something, but can’t find anything around that can help? He’s got you covered, all you need to do is ask (and buy him one, of course). Wanted to open a can, but accidentally broke the key? Don’t sweat it, his Swiss knife can do all sorts of things. He may not become Harry Potter, but in the right hands, such a multi-use tool can definitely be considered a magic wand. It may not make you magically happy all the time, but hey, at least your man can help you open a bottle of wine for you two to sip together and cherish the beautiful moments you had, have, and will have, with one another.