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Tips for being cool and comfortable in dress shirts this summer



The weather is getting warmer. While the country is not yet bathing in the sunshine every day, things may be starting to get a little uncomfortable for those who wear formal clothing. Few things are worse than shuffling around in an office seat, sweating in a stiff shirt and black blazer. Looking around the office the women you work with are comfortable in the latest Maxi Dresses, you start to feel a tad jealous. Now whilst you might take a look at maxi dresses from ax paris for your loved one to stay cool and fashionable this summer,  there are a few tips on how you can wear dress shirts the smart way this summer.

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It isn’t difficult to identify a typical dress shirt and set it apart from a casual one. They are normally stiff-collared, long-sleeved, buttoned all the way down and made from high-quality materials. It’s a misconception that this has to be the case. Dress shirts come in a much larger variety than many people think. The stiff white shirt only scratches the surface. There are a lot of ways to dress for summer in the office detailed here – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/mens-style/heatwave-style-office-dressing-hot-weather/ – but what about shirts specifically?

Selection Is Key

How can a man wear his dress shirt and still be comfortable? Good fabric is vital. There’s no need to go for the stiff, starchy feeling when linen could be the answer. Softer, lighter and airier, linen is a great choice for summer. Linen is best worn in lighter colours, which will also aid in keeping the wearer cool. Even if the shirt isn’t linen, it’s best to opt for lighter colours since they will absorb and trap less heat.

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As well as the material, the weave is important. Choosing something stiff means that it is tightly woven, allowing no air to get between gaps in the thread. If the shirt is soft and lightweight, the chances are that it has a loose weave and will keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

Pair these cleverly selected shirts with linen blazers or trousers and some lightly tinted sunglasses for an easy, classy look. The best thing about having this new dress-shirt freedom is the chance to be creative with outfits. It beats ironing the same pastel-colored, long-sleeved monsters that many men have had to tolerate for so long.

Why not shop around? Wearing the right shirt can boost confidence and mood and incite jealousy in anyone still languishing in a stiffly ironed relic from the past. That is certainly no bad thing.

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