Tips to sizing your oars and how to get it delivered

Whether you’re completely new to sailing or simply need a bit of a refresher, this guide will help you select the perfect oars for your boat.

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In order to find the perfect oar length for your boat, it’s necessary to take some measurements. You’ll need to measure the total distance between the port and starboard sockets as these are the sockets that hold the oar locks. You can then apply a simple formula that will give you the correct oar length. To apply the formula, complete the following steps:

– Measure the distance between the oar sockets and the port. This is the total span.
– Divide the span in half.
– Add 2 to this number
– This number is known as the inboard loom length.
– Multiply the inboard loom length by 25.
– Divide this number by 7.
– Round this number to the nearest 6 inches and make a note of it.
– This is the length of the oar you need in inches.

Rafting Magzine has some basic tips on oar size, including an explanation that roughly one-third should be inside the boat and two-thirds outside.

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It’s vital you get the right oar size as this will make your rowing experience much smoother, more comfortable and efficient. When you are rowing, your hands should be roughly 1 to 3 inches apart, and you’ll be pulling your hands into your abdomen.

If you find that you’re popping out of the oar locks, you are using oars that are too short. It’s possible to adapt your ideal oar measurement to your personal preferences, but you’d really need to try different lengths before realising that you prefer a certain size of oar. Some rowers prefer to use an overlapping grip, which means they will need a slightly longer oar length than the one reached by using the formula supplied above.

Remember to measure both rowing stations on your boat if there is more than one, as it’s likely they will require different lengths of oar.