Why Rugby is good for women

As a woman, rugby probably won’t be top of the list of exercises you’ve considered, but certainly should be one that every woman tries. These are just a few of the many advantage’s women can enjoy by being involved in the sport of rugby:

Socially, you’ll make friends for life when playing rugby. You get very up close and personal during a rugby match so there is no better way to feel comfortable with your teammates than from the game of rugby. You will build team spirit which means you are going to work 110% to help them out and they will do the same in return.

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Being in a good relationship with the opposition is also promoted in sport. There is a lot of respect, the desire to win on both sides and have a bit of banter between the teams but it is quite often the case that you can share a drink together after the game.

This is a great sport to encourage young girls and women to believe that they can participate on a level with men. Both the male and female game last for 80 minutes, the same rules apply and so there is a comparative level of physical exercise involved. Rugby demonstrates that gender is not an issue, but that spirit and determination are. This mentality can help women in the workplace as well, that they should go to that promotion or request that raise when they work as hard as the people next to them.

You will have the best body you’ve had in a long time. Your legs will get a great shape and forget about legs, tums and bums classes at your local gym – rugby provides awesome exercises that target your entire body. Increase your stamina aided by different training exercises available. For new Rugby Training Drills, visit Sportplan

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Playing rugby increases confidence. This shows you are tough and resilient, and you can apply this to other aspects of your life such as work and home life.

Everyone is welcome in rugby – you do not need to be big or heavy to play the game. Each body type and size is ok, with a position place for everyone. Larger ladies make great forwards while smaller ladies make perfect wingers.

Most people who play really fell in love with the game. Yes, it’s muddy, exhausting and you may encounter the occasional minor injury, but the excitement and passion is contagious. The feeling when you succeed, win points for your team and realize you are harder than you imagine never gets old.

Often keeping fit can be tedious, especially if you are involved in solo activities. Joining sports teams provide an opportunity to get a great body shape, feel good about yourself and meet like-minded individuals at the same time.