Should you use a specialist conveyancer?

Moving home involves making multiple key decisions that can be the difference between a short and long turn around, and also the difference between being in, or out, of pocket. We explore how choosing a specialist conveyancer can save homebuyers both time and money in comparison to appointing a traditional solicitor.

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What are specialist conveyancers?

A specialist conveyancer is a law firm that deals solely with the process of conveyancing (the legal side of house sales). As opposed to your local solicitor’s office, it doesn’t deal with family law, criminal or business law, or any other services that traditional solicitors firms deal with. Licensed conveyancers do not need to have a full solicitor qualification. Specialist conveyancing firms do not always have to operate out of a centrally located office either, as much of the conveyancing work can be dealt with over the phone or via email, which is why more and more specialist conveyancing firms are able to operate solely online.

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Why go specialist?

Your local solicitors might have an excellent reputation, but the practice may also have just one person experienced at conveyancing and that one person may even work part-time, or dedicate half their workload to other areas of law. With more pressing legal issues and demanding clients to deal with, your house sale could easily be put on the firm’s back burner. At a specialist firm not only are all staff experienced in this specific legal area, but all clients will have equal priority. As a consequence, your house sale is likely to go through much quicker.

Solicitors tend to charge much higher fees than licensed conveyancers, even when they are likely to carry out the exact same work.

A specialist firm may also be more experienced in niche areas of the conveyancing process (e.g. buy to let), something that’s highly important in an industry that is becoming ever more complex. Always do your research to find the right conveyancer and specialist conveyancers such as are highly experienced at the nuances of the conveyancing process.

For all these reasons it may well be in your interest to appoint a more specialist firm. A specialist conveyancer could save you both time and money, and if your house sale or purchase is particularly complex, they will be better equipped to deal with this.