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Most popular souvenirs to collect if you’re a traveler



Traveling is all about new experiences, curiosity, adventure, and ticking off your bucket list. With every new destination, you travel to comes the excitement and all the planning, the anticipation, and the pure happiness when you finally get there. But how can we make our travels exciting even when we get back home? The time between travels should also be exciting and remind you of all the places you’ve been to and all the memories you’ve made. And the best way to remember this is by having a souvenir collection. In this article, we are gonna present to you the 4 most popular souvenir ideas to start a collection that will always remind you of your adventures. Depending on what type of person you are, you will find a good option for you in this list, and try to stick to just one out of the five, you don’t want your whole house to be a souvenir.

Flag patches

This first option we are suggesting is the most common one for backpackers. Collecting flag patches and stitching them to your backpack, jacket, or jumper you like to wear is like keeping a textile journal of all the places you’ve been to. They are super easy to find in any souvenir shop and you usually have many options to choose from. This is a nice spin on the laptop stickers people collect and will also give you an exciting art and craft project for when you get home.

Traditional Clothes

Now, this option is for those of you who like to get immersed in a culture while you visit the country. Collecting traditional clothes is definitely not common. It might be a more expensive option, but we assure you that it’s worth it. Incorporating different cultures’ clothes into your daily wardrobe would make you feel like you never left that country. For example, if you go to Ireland, get a traditional fisherman sweater and wear it throughout the winter season. You can find them here if you didn’t get one last time you visited: https://www.tarairishclothing.com/collections/womens-knitwear. This way you will spice up your wardrobe while also remembering all of your travels.

Shot glasses

You don’t have to be a huge fan of drinking to consider this option. Souvenir shot glasses can be found absolutely everywhere when you’re traveling. They usually have colorful designs and lettering of the country you’re in. They make a great souvenirs to collect because they are small and easy to bring back, and they are not too expensive. But they will decorate your home in a very nice way and are also practical if you ever host a party.


We couldn’t have a souvenir guide without this option. This is probably the souvenir that everyone gets for themselves and for their loved ones when they travel abroad. Magnets are great souvenirs to collect and they also look good stacked up on a fridge. But if you decide to have a magnet journal of your travels, make sure you separate the magnets you get yourself from the ones you receive from others. You don’t want to mix up destinations.

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